Canon EOS 6d DSLR Camera Body Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Canon Digital SLR Review.
Today we’re gonna talk about the Canon’s entry-level full-frame camera, the Canon 6d DSLR.

So what’s so good about the 6d? Well price for starters. At under two thousand dollars this is exceptionally good value. For those photographers who are already a crop sensor DSLR and who want to upgrade to a ‘full frame;’ this is a great stepping stone.

The Canon 6d quality is amazing … … 20 megapixel full-frame sensor gives you the same quality as the 5d mark iii and so on.

This Canon 6d is a great camera for the budding wedding photographer, the landscape photographer
or indeed anybody who just wants higher quality than the crop sensor DSLR.

Feature wise, well the camera has a metal body with a poly-carbonate top and a metal chassis.

The reason for the poly-carbonate top is because this camera has wifi and gps. Two wonderful functions incorporated in this camera.

The sensor is 20 megapixel as I said, so image quality.

It has an 11-point autofocus system which is nothing to write home about but the center sensor is a cross type which is sensitive down to minus 3EV . This means that the sensor is very very effective in low light … which again is great for indoor photography or any low light photography as such.

The camera sports a Digic 5 plus processor. You can shoot in RAW or Jpeg.

The Canon 6d has some wonderful functions in terms a HDR mode where you can do sorta multiple
photos to increase the dynamic range of the camera.

Usual settings such as manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, program on your mode dial.

As well as the Auto Modes and some scene modes so if you do just wanna pick it up, throw it into the scene mode and use it for just holiday snapshots – then certainly this camera still has thought auto functions.

No built-in flash but you can pop on any of the top Canon flashes on 430ex or 600ex etc.

The 6d is a 4 1/2 frames per second motor drive so look again not probably designed for sport but at 4.5 frames per second its no slob either. It will certainly pump out a reasonable frame rate for sorta general sports photography, or the kids running around.

Great rear lcd screen as well I think it over a million dot resolution. Optical viewfinder is about a 97 percent coverage.

So look great camera fantastic price and if you’re looking at a second body to your 5d mark 3 or 1dx, or you want to venture into full frame photography without breaking the budget this is the camera from you.

Canon EOS 6d DSLR Camera Body
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