Canon EOS 5ds r Camera Review

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Canon EOS 5ds Review

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Canon DSLR Review.

Today we are looking at the highly anticipated Canon 5ds R DSLR Camera.
I dare say that you all know about this one or heard about it. This is the world’s first digital SLR with a 50 Megapixel sensor on a full frame. What an amazing  achievement from Canon.

Look fifty megapixel is absolutely massive. If you are landscape or a product photographer, a commercial photographer or portrait photographer, this is the Canon DSLR you want.

This is gonna give you very close to medium format resolution from a digital SLR. The advantage of that is that it’s a smaller cheaper cameras than a medium format and of course a massive range of Canon’s wonderful L series lenses to choose from. This could bring a few medium format shooters to buying a digital SLR. It now also for those landscape photographers who are always looking for more resolution to revealed the detail in their images. This is particularly true when enlarging to huge size prints. 50 megapixel is now
the new king on the block.

The camera is basically the same as the Canon 5d Mark III. Same size, build quality 61 point auto-focus system. Not much difference at all so really, the main difference is the larger megapixel rating.

There are two versions of this, the first one is the 5ds and then the 5ds r. They are the same camera but it has the optical low-pass filter activated. Know what that means is that blurs the light slightly coming in on to the sensor to stop what’s called the moire effect which is the wavy lines you get when photographing tight patterns.

So on the 5ds that that optical low-pass filters activated but on the 5ds r version it is not activated. Now what that means is it’s cancelled out and you will get sharper images – not by much but the resolution is at it’s maximum, at the risk that you might get that affect from that optical low-pass filter turned off. Moire can be corrected in certain programs.

The new Canon 5ds R and the Canon 5ds, 50 megapixel monsters from Canon.

If you want resolution then there’s no other choice this is the one for you.

Canon EOS 5ds & Canon EOS 5ds r Camera Bodies
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