Canon EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro Lens Review

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There is no doubt that macro is an exciting area of photography and it takes some learning to do the job well. That’s all part of the fun after all.

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Hello Photographers Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Canon Lens Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Canon EF 180mm f3.5L Macro Lens.

This is an EF lens. It is designed for full frame Canon DSLR’s, such as the 5d and 6d. It is a 180mm
focal length so it’s quite a long focal length for a macro lens . If you put this lens on a crop sensor camera then the lens is effectively 288mm. (Cropped sensor Canon DSLR’s such as 70d, 7d II, 700d etc)

So being a very long macro lens does give you one very big advantage – it means that you can get 1 to 1 life-size macro images from further away than you would with a 100mm or a 60mm macro lens.

The 180mm has a minimum focusing distance of 48 centimetres from the film / sensor plane. Basically it allows you to be further away and still get one-on-one which is an advantage when photographing insects, a snake, a spider. The 180mm simply allows you were longer working distance.

That is a big advantage of a 180mm over the 100mm for example. Because the lens is so long and big it does come with a lens collar which you can add onto a monopod, a tripod, so as to keep the whole unit balanced when you have the body on it.

The lens has a beautiful large manual focus ring. The focus distance is forty-eight centimeters all the way to infinity.

Remember folks that a macro lens doesn’t just have to be used the macro, you can use it for any type of photography. This lens would be particularly good for a bit of sport or indoor sport or a portrait. You could use it for that as well – not ideal but it can be used for that. The 180mm lens takes 72mm filters.

Please make sure you use a high quality filter to protect the lens (Hoya Pro1d or HD UV Filter) from thumb prints or salt or dust.

USM, ultrasonic motor, very fast and quiet so that’s an advantage also when focusing on insects and stuff where you don’t want to any noise to scare off your subject.

It has a simple AF switch here, Auto Focus , Manual Focus and it has a focus limiters also. The focus limiter allows you to either go the full range from forty-eight centimeters to infinity or if you’re not doing a macro you can go from 1.5 made is to infinity, that shortens the throw so it will focus quicker for your standard sort of photography.

So folks if you are a macro photographer, doing bugs insects, things like that, bees landing on flowers the 180mm macro could be the macro lens for you.

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Canon EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro Lens.

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