Canon BG-e14 Battery Grip Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Canon product review.

Today we’re having a look at the Canon BG-e14 battery grip.

This is a battery grip specifically designed for the Canon EOS 70d Body.

So what is the battery grip or vertical grip?
The grip attaches onto the bottom of the camera and basically then allow you to use two batteries instead of just one at a time.

This is particularly handy for sports photographers wildlife photographers who are taking many many photos over a short period of time and don’t want to have to stop to change batteries.

A battery grip is also very handy for videographers. Shooting Video does take up a lot more battery power on your camera. So having two batteries running at the same time is going to prevent you having to stop halfway through recording.

So very very useful for that. Another big plus of a battery grip is that it allows you to, when you’re doing a portrait in the portrait orientation instead of having your hand over like so it will allow you to hold your hand in the standing position here, just like you are holding it horizontally.

The shutter buttons, your shutter release button , your finger dial, your auto focus point. As well as the buttons on your thumb, at the back for your sensor button, your exposure lock button, and the AF on button too if you have a designated to the focus with that button are all here in that position. So again a battery grip makes it like you’re actually shooting horizontally but in the vertical position.

So that is a fantastic advantage again for portrait photographers, wedding photographers, or really any photographer who wants that sort of ease of using it in that vertical position.

So folks when you buy the Canon battery grip you also get an insert that allows you to use AA batteries in your camera instead of the LP-E6, that go in a canon 70d. So that’s very handy as well just remember to use quality alkaline batteries or Sanyo Eneloop batteries that we sell here, rechargeable batteries. will also do the job.

So if you need a battery grip for your Canon 70d … the Canon bg-e14 is the one to buy.

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