Canon 7d Mark II Video Review

You asked for this review so here is it. 
I have to say that I got really excited whilst watching our Video Review of the new Canon 7d Mark II. I know that sounds ridiculous especially when you consider that I am surrounded by camera gear all day everyday, but it’s true.

I have owned a bunch of Canon bodies over the years and the original 7d was most certainly a favourite. My son played 200+ club games of AFL and I lost count of how many school games and rep games. The 7d was my go to camera body every time without fail. I bolted on a EF 70-200mm. Action wasn’t an issue ever.

If you are in the market for a sports shooter / action camera and a stupidly good video recorder as well, then be sure to research the Canon 7d Mk II. I dare say you will end up getting one.

Tom talks for 3 1/2 minutes about the 7d II and I defy you to not be impressed with what the camera offers. Over to Tom

Also found this Youtube video by Canon USA discussing custom controls available on the 7d Mark II

And if all of that still isn’t enough, Scott Kelby was asked by Canon to review the 7d II camera.

As always we like to give a link or two to outside sources.
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