Canon 7d Mark II DSLR Body Review

The following is our transcript of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review.
Hello Photographers, Tom here from another Canon Digital SLR Review.
Today, we’re gonna talk about the amazing Canon 7d Mark II Body.

What I would like too go through today is our biggest asked question … what is the difference between the original 7d and the Canon 7d Mark II. We will go through a few of the major upgrades to this camera.

We have been waiting a long time for this Mark II. 2009 was when the original 7d was released, and the 7d Mark II has just come out. The big difference here is the frame rate. We jump from an 8 frames per second up to 10 frames per second. That is like a Gatling gun folks. This thing is flying … and that means for sports photography and wildlife photography, it put you up into that sorta close to the 1DX category .. that professional SLR category … so huge frame rate .. very good for action shots of course.

New sensor – 20 megapixel sensor as opposed to the old 18 megapixels. You’re not going to see a dramatic difference in resolution but what you will see is an increasing its high ISO performance.

ISO now up to 16,000 ISO you can go with this 7d Mark II now … but also a good “stop” advantage over the old 7d.

The Canon 7d mark II camera though, probably it biggest feature and its biggest upgrade is the auto-focus system. It goes from the old nineteen-point auto-focus system which is now in the 70d and and the 750d and 760d days that have been released … it now jump from that to a massive 65 point auto-focus system. That’s more than the 1dx the premier sports camera from Canon.

So it’s 65 points and all of them are cross type sensors. All that means is they are sensitive to horizontal and vertical lines … and all of them are, so that means very accurate fast auto-focus no matter which order auto-focus point you’re using. That’s a massive advantage again for the
sports photographer the wildlife photographer when you are tracking erratic moving subjects.

The 7d Mark II also has the Canon 70d’s dual pixel technology for the videographer.

Now it doesn’t though have a touch screen so you will have to move you right focus point to where you want it on your subject but then when you hit “record” to video that will track the moving subject like the 70d does. So that does give you videographers something that you can play with there where you can track a moving subject while videoing whilst with the 7d you couldn’t.

Now one other  very interesting feature that comes with the 7d II is called “Flicker Reduction”. That means if you’re a sports photographer who photographs indoor sports … might be basketball for instants, under florescent lighting … you know about the problem with the flickering of the light giving you inconsistent exposures. Well now with “Flicker Reduction” the camera will pick
it’s moment to take the exposure when the light is that the same consistency. Flicker Reduction will slow your motor drive down but it means your exposures will be more consistent. This is a great advantage for you indoor photographers.

Obviously typical Canon 7d build quality – metal chassis, metal body.

The 7d II also has GPS so you can log your latitude and longitude wherever you are outside and check that on something like Google Maps to see where you are when you took those photos.
.. fantastic addition to that as well.

We have been waiting a long time for the Canon 7d Mark II and I can tell you what with all the reviews and all sort of the people who bought this and commented on it .. this is a masterful camera that for the sports photographer is an absolute must. Thank you.

Canon 7d Mark II DSLR Body
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