Canon 750d 760d Comparison

What are the differences between the new Canon EOS 750d compared to the Canon EOS 760d?

To make the right decision when picking between Canon cameras takes a little bit of research. Or you can watch our video reviews!
A replacement of the Canon 700d, the 750d and 760d have only a few differences. Tom goes into them in detail however briefly they are:

1. The physical size. The 750d being slightly smaller as it doesn’t have to make room for a top LCD panel.

2. Live view and Auto functions …
Really not a lot of differences.

What is important to note is the additional features added including wifi, so now please enjoy watching Toms’ Canon 750d v Canon 760d video review.


This video review of the Canon 750d / 760d is by CNet.

DPReview has an indepth Canon 750d versus Canon 760d comparison

Canon 750d v 760d reviews and specs on Canons site

Cameras Direct Canon 750d Lens Kits
Cameras Direct Canon 760d Lens Kits

I really like the images on this video – Those who have traveled to Europe will especially enjoy it.