Canon 75-300mm III USM Lens Review

The above video review of the Canon 75-300mm f4-5.6 III USM Lens is shown below also as a rough transcript.
Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Canon Zoom Lens Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Canon 75-300mm f4-5.6 III USM Lens.

For all you amateur photographers and you budding sports and wildlife photographers, Canon’s 75 to 300mm EF lens is designed for sports and wildlife photography.

So if you want to get into it but you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on some of the giant super zooms you can get then this little fella for you Canon users would be the way to go.

It is a full frame lens, that’s an EF lens but it can also go on a crop sensor Canon, which would bring the focal length up to the 110mm to 460mm ish mark. That then which gives you a nice long focal length for you know sports like football and soccer and rugby league and cricket.

You can also do some nice wildlife shots, birds and animals. Its’s a good way to start because it is a I say excellent value.

This version of the 75 to 300 is an USM, so it is fast and silent. The lens when it extends out to its maximum length is still not a huge lens and it’s not very heavy.

The lens has variable maximum aperture so at 75 it is f/4 maximum aperture and as you zoom out to 300mm you do lose a “stop of light” out to f5.6. That keeps the the design nice and compact and also the price right down.

Look its a great little lens in terms of portability reasonably sharp and as I say a quick auto focus.

The 75-300mm doesn’t have any image stabilizer like some of your other lenses but that just means you’ve either got to keep that shutter speed up nice and fast to prevent camera shake or use a monopod or tripod for your photography.

So, great little Canon zoom lens, 75 to 300. If you need a lens to shoot sports like the kids or the dog running around at the beach or even some portraits …

Canon 75-300mm III USM Lens should be on your shopping list.

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