Canon 70d v 700d review. Which is Better?

Tom from our showroom shares some of his thoughts re the Canon 700d body versus the Canon 70d body.



The Canon 700D is Canons second DSLR having a touch-screen plus the ability to focus while videoing. It’s geared towards the Mums and Dads who wanted a versatile digital slr designed to generate premium quality photographs with plenty of Auto adjustments plus a Full Hi-def video camera that is able to focus whilst videoing.

The fully articulated touchscreen is amazing which happens to be a very neat function of being in a position to touch when you would like to focus during the time you are videoing so that the camera draws its focus to that point. It was made yet more impressive with the introduction of Canons STM zoom lens, the 18-135mm lens, which in fact has a quick and noiseless focus motor designed to not be heard on the cameras audio even while focusing. This dslr camera has actually been a massive triumph for Canon not only as a consequence of the touchscreen display but because its upgraded Auto focus systems and 5 FPS (frames per second) motor-drive also meant it was a great option for the newbie photographer purchasing a camera that is more professional than the basic level 1100D but without the size and cost of the Canon 60D.

The 700D will continue to sell extremely well and is a great stepping-stone for canon’s 70D.

The Canon 70D is really a replacement for the very popular EOS 60D and comes with and improves on the features seen in the 700D. It happens to be Canons first ever dual pixel sensor which simply translates as the camera has the capability to focus quicker than every other Canon and / or Nikon Digital slr whilst in Live View. This means it can follow and track in motion subjects quickly while videoing without having hunting forwards and backwards which has plagued Digital slr contrast detection AF systems ever since Live View was invented. For the very first time a Digital camera can match up with the AF functionality of real video cameras.

This is certainly a game changer for video and grabbing photos using Live View, which has primarily been a good idea when using a tripod because Live View AF has for ages been to sluggish for general hand-held photography.

The canon eos 70D has this new dual pixel technology to fall back on.

It is a substantial Digital slr camera in its very own right with a all cross type 19 point AF system directly out of the Canon EOS 7D and a 7 Frames per second motordrive which will make all sports and wildlife photographers thrilled. It has a new 20 mp sensor and WiFi. The purchase price point is tremendously good and has rocketed the 70D up to the top of the best selling chart. I’ve used a 70D to take pictures of a wedding and so I can simply say it is one very savvy and reliable camera that I would recommend for just about any photographer perhaps as their main camera or possibly a back-up camera for a working skilled professional.

To summarise the canon eos 700D is perfect for the photographer who desires a lot more an elementary entry level DSLR that has the benefit from the articulated touch screen that provides them the exact same features as his or her tablet and / or phone.

The canon eos 70D is definitely more of the same but provides better build quality, faster motor-drive and more leading-edge AF systems directed straight at action.

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