Canon 6d Review 2015

Is the Canon 6d Camera in your sights? Tom takes us on a practical review of the Canon 5d Mark III competitor in the Canon full frame range.

Admittance into the arena of full frame photography has actually so far been really expensive in comparison to their cropped sensor counterparts. Sure full frame rocks, although the considerable selling price difference had put off many from making the jump. 

Early in 2015, the market place seemed to be a little sluggish when it came to making the significant¬†leap to full frame nevertheless it’s growing in momentum. “What is the big deal anyway by using a full frame camera, is the generalised perspective. The clear answer is identified when you use the likes of the EOS 6d and get to savor the pure photo clarity. Add this to the fact that your chosen Canon L series lenses are once and for all creating the very best they can devoid of being restrained by means of cropped sensors and photo processing and you’re going to becoming a believer. Absolutely nothing else can be described really to convince you. You simply must try one yourself. Be warned though as it is a habit that you won’t desire to move on with.

By the way. Tom does actually work in our showroom. People come in and are shocked to see him smiling at them.


It is important to us that you buy the best Canon camera for your needs and so we are more than pleased to offer you independent view points. These few videos offer you a different perspective. There is also a couple that compare the Canon 6d to its playmates the 5d Mark III and the 7d Mark II.
We hope that you find one or two of them helpful.


If you are in the early phases of research, you may wish to look at the other Canon DSLR bodies in the Canon line up.

We import Canon 6d’s into Australia, however the manufacturers website is full of good info and we urge you to go to Canons 6d page.