Canon 6d Full Frame Camera Review

How good is the Canon 6d Digital Camera Body? Is it worth the price?

Our assessment of the Canon EOS 6D Full Frame Digital slr camera in just one word – Astounding. A few more words – Exceptional value for your money to get a full frame Canon DSLR camera. Step into the world of full frame photography and do not hesitant to buy the dazzling picture quality digital slr, the Canon 6D.

The door in to the world of full frame digital photography has actually so far been expensive when compared to their cropped sensor counterparts.

Of course full frame rocks ! Nevertheless the size-able price tag disparity had put off a lot of people from making the jump. Until now.

The market place has been a little slow to make the plunge to full frame however it is increasing in momentum. “What is the big deal in any event with a full frame digital slr, is the generalised mindset. Response to that question is revealed if you use the likes of the EOS 6d and begin to experience the sheer photo quality. Add this to the truth of the matter that your chosen Canon L series lenses are at long last creating the very best which they can devoid of being restricted by means of cropped sensors and image processing and you might be going to becoming a believer. Very little else could be talked about really to convince you. You simply must have a shot at one yourself.

Be warned though as it is an addiction that you won’t easy┬ámove on from.




The Canon 6D Digital SLR Camera Body is a step between the Canon 7D and the 5D Mark iii, offering a full frame sensor in a more compact body with additional functions than you could ever need.

The Canon EOS 6D has built in wireless file transmission plus a GPS, permitting you to tag your imagery whilst you’re away on vacation as an illustration and transmit imagery with the wireless to your apple iphone, Android phone or computer, so you can utilize the EOS Remote App Smart phone app the camera wirelessly from these devices. A 20 megapixel full frame (35mm) sensor will provide amazingly high quality images, and fantastic Full High def Video clips.