Canon EOS 5d Mark III DSLR Body Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom here with another Canon DSLR Body Review.

Today we are going to have a look at the Canon 5d Mark III Body. The 5d III is the biggest-selling full-frame digital SLR on the market and one of our biggest selling cameras.

and it’s no wonder, what a camera it is … 22 megapixel full-frame sensor.

Why is the full frame sensor so important?

Well when you compare it to a 7d mark ii or a cropped digital SLR sensor you can say size does matter.

The advantage that you get from full frame sensors include .. shallower depth-of-field, better low-light performance, and enabling you to enlarge your images to be bigger enlargements. That is the key to a full frame sensor.

The Canon 5d Mark III is typical Canon pro quality camera. The build quality is sensational and let’s face it.

High rated shutter, weather sealing, full metal chassis and metal body make this a camera that can be used every day for professional use.

One of the major features of the Canon 5d Mark III is it’s amazing auto-focus system which is a 61 point AF system that works incredibly well and can be customized for all sorts of photography.

The 5d Mark III also has a 6 frames per second motor drive and the camera also gives you full HD video which on a full frame sensor is well broadcast-quality. If you are after high quality, this is the camera to get, the Canon 5d Mark III.

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Canon EOS 5d Mark III DSLR Body

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