Canon 430ex II Speedlite Flash Review

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Hello Photographers, Tom from Cameras Direct with another Canon Speedlight Flash Review.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Canon 430ex II Speedlite Flash

The 430ex is one down from the top of the line 600ex flash, the little 430EX.

This is a wonderful little flash for the amateur photographer or the serious amateur who wants a flash unit not quite as expensive or as big as the 600ex, but still gives all virtually the same features and control that the big brother does.

The 430ex is very compact light and easy to use. It uses AA batteries.

There is a bounce swivel head of course You get a diffuser panel if you want to use wide, ultra wide-angle lenses to spread the light out or indeed to soften the shadows.

The 430ex has a LCD panel on the back here where you can adjust all the features from full ETTL metering right up to full manual control, high-speed sync, there’s also strob flash, special effects as well amongst others.

Very simple easy connection to any hot shoe digital Canon EOS.

Simply clip it on and then that locks it on. Instead of the ring that we used too screw back and forth to lock and and disengage which was a real pain. So easy way to lock it.

The 430ex has an optical slave option where it can be triggered by 580ex or a 600ex or a ST-e2 transmitter.

An optical trigger or indeed by sort of built in flashes on most of your digital SLR cameras. You can trigger the 430ex to flash optically and that has to be about five to 10 metre range within view of your built-in flash or the transmitter. It can also be used off-camera.

Look folks the price of the 430ex basically means that it’s affordable.

It’s gonna give you a lot better flash photography than the built-in flash on your camera.

Obviously being able to bounce and swivel you can get a more professional-looking lighting result.

So folks if you need a better flash than the one built into your camera.
Canon 430ex ii Speedlite Flash.

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