CamerasDirect Lens Pen Review

CamerasDirect Lens Pen Review. At Cameras Direct we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of photography. Why? Well coz we buy it too.

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Hello photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another product review.

Today we’re gonna have a quick look at the Cameras Direct lens pen.

So folks if you are out photographing, you’re obviously going to at some stage when you’re finished or during the photo shoot when you taking photos clean your lens, the lens pen is designed to clean the actual front optic of  the lens, not the filters, there are special filter lens pens for that, but this is for cleaning the front optic of a lens.

So, how does it work?

Well, very simply, to start with you just push this little lever up and you have a brush.

So with the brush you would use that first to remove any foreign objects on the lens very gently, and that is simple like so, pop the brush down, make sure you don’t touch the brush with your fingers, next you will take your lid and you’ll give it a quick half turn and remove it, the reason given a half turn is there is a little pad in there which cleans the tip when you do that so nice and simple.

This is a special little tip here which does not dry out very quickly, it’ll do the job for a year or two of cleaning so very handy.

So all you do is you place that tip onto the center of your Lens and then with nice firm even strokes,
just go round and round your Lens, right to the edge and cleaned.

Check that it’s clean, job done. Now this also has a very smart secondary function, if you actually pull that tip off there and reverse that, like so, you then get a smaller little triangular like tip, which is perfect for getting right into your viewfinder which is a tricky little area to get to, so again you can use your brush to brush away any foreign material in there, close, and then use that tiny little tip to get in there and clean your viewfinder. So nice simple easy device to use, it’s great because you don’t need to wash it, it doesn’t dry out, it eventually will of course after many many uses but lasts a long time.

It even has a little clip to clip it onto pocket, or onto a bag, whatever.

CamerasDirect Lens Pen

Cheap, easy to use, a great way to clean the front optic of your lens.