Battle of the Canon Full Frames – Canon EOS 6d vs 5d iii

“Canon 5d vs 6d. Is it just about image quality?”

Shortly after Canon announced the EOS 6d, a number of people were over heard to ask, “Is a 5d Mk III still the very best value full frame camera rolling around in its Canon digital camera range?”Now I am in this article to inform you that it is. Having owned each and every 5d model from the original then a Mark II also now the III, it is definitely my go to digital slr. A good question that should be asked right now is, “yer but do you used a EOS 6d? You’ve got me there!

The Canon Eos 5d Mark III is the love child of Canon’s  5D 2. The Mark 3 now includes a 22.3 mp full frame sensor, a brand new DiG!C 5+ image processor, 61 point Auto focus and 6 frames per second shooting. This coupled with an ISO selection of 50-102400 and Full High def movie, is going to make this digital camera very popular with professionals and newbie devotees. The Canon 5D EOS iii Digital SLR (DSLR) Body system is similar in quality to the new Canon 1D X yet in a more compact body, which makes it very popular.

Canon 5d Mk iii bodies are, how could I say this … it really is brain-blowing. So it isn’t really the most descriptive lingo, but it works for me. It’s packed full of with a 22.3 Megapixel full frame image sensor and of course the 5+ image processor chip. Bundles of Auto focus points along with a realistically fast 6 fps shooting functionality.

Yes I do completely love the 5d and no I’m not big of telling myself personally that a 6d would’ve carried out the job just as well. I’ll leave that up for you personally to make your mind up.

What are a few principal differences between Canon 5d Mk 3 Body and its particular competitor canon’s 6d Body?

* Res of both of those cameras is essentially the same.
* The Canon Eos 5D 3 offers 61 point AF from 1DX (impressive) opposed to The canon eos 6D 11 point AF
* Canon’s 5D has superior construction as well as weather sealing. Canon’s 5D mk iii has faster motor drive. Canon’s 5D mk iii possesses 2 card slots (CF and sd).

* However and this might be the clincher, Canon’s 6d Body does have Wifi and GPS.

Have you thought about bang for your buck?

* The Canon 6D represents superb bang for your buck and it’s exceptionally popular with wedding party photographers as the primary digital slr or contingency plan to your EOS 5D mark 3. And so the 5d is the main camera did I hear you ask?

* The Canon Eos 6D can also be the number one selection for landscape photography addicts and portraits which don’t require sophisticated Auto focus system of the 5d mark 3.

The 5D mark 3 is without a doubt a lot dearer due to its build quality and sophistacted AF system nevertheless it is well worth every single cent if you’re photographing sport, wildlife, or simply need a appropriately built camera that can manage lots of use.

There you have it. As always, its up to an individual to really make the selection. If you ask me I still absolutely love my 5d and its certainly not exiting my kit any time soon.